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Natural Cosmetic Beeswax

Beeswax suppliers of beeswax ingots, Beeswax blocks, beeswax wheels and beeswax beads or pellets & Natural Face Creams

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Customer Testimonials

Natural Beeswax has been the cornerstone of our beard balm since the beginning


I use Beeswax Shop's cosmetic beeswax to make lipbalm, beard balm and skin products


I make my own beard wax and mustache wax for myself with Beeswax Shop's beeswax bars~ they're perfect for me


Beautiful Natural Beeswax Ingots

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cosmetic beeswax supplier

Tall Beeswax Candles

We mold beeswax candles by pouring wax by hand using cotton wick specifically made for candlemaking. 

Cosmetic Beeswax ingots or beeswax bars

Cosmetic Beeswax bars

Perfect for making small batches or large batches with controlled quantities of beeswax bars molded from cosmetic beeswax 

Raw Bulk Beeswax made by bees

Raw beeswax is collected by bees and then used in the hive to build cells to make new bees, keep food and store nectar until it becomes honey. Bulk Beeswax available

Beekeepers work hard looking after bees

We take the natural techniques of husbandry as our mode of operation.

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bulk beeswax suppliers

We supply beeswax

Beeswax suppliers from Centurion shop of Bee WARE, we sell cosmetic grade beeswax for candlemaking, skin products, artists, bullet refillers and more