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Create Natural Skin Care Products With Beeswax

There are a myriad of recipes available in print or on line for skin and face creams, balms and salves.

Most of these recipes have the same basic ingredients which you can customize to your preference. carrier oils that are good to use are olive oil, almond oil avocado oil and grapeseed oil. but you can do your own research on other carrier oils that you'd like to use.

There are also a number of possible combinations for dried herbs that you can make to customize your own creams, balms and salves. the basic ratio, however, is 1/4 cup of oil to two (2) tablespoons of beeswax in each recipe.

For most of my recipes, I also indicated transferring the mixture of your beeswax and oils to small tin cans or glass jars with cover. needless to say, please do this only when the mixture has been cooled down slightly and you will want for

The mixture to cool down to room temperature inside the tin cans or glass jars. in addition, when infusing oils with dried herbs, make sure they are really, truly, completely dry. this prevents the development of molds and build up of bacteria.

If you see mold in your herb infusion, you need to throw it and start again.

Creating your own line of face and skin creams is easier with our line of all natural beeswax.

You may also purchase our very own, "Recipes for All Natural Salves, Balms and Creams Using Beeswax" for a minimal fee. It contains recipes, and guide on how to create your own creams.