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About us - beeswax Shop

We are beeswax suppliers

  • We provide bulk beeswax
  • We supply beeswax wheels
  • We supply beeswax bars
  • We supply beeswax blocks
  • We supply beeswax sheets
  • We Launched our In-house All-Natural Skin Creams! 
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We are a beekeeping business that specialises in all bee tools, bee products and bee training. 

We provide bulk beeswax by the kilogram. Our cosmetic beeswax blocks are assorted, weighed to order and the bulk price for minimum order quantity of 5kg is R265 per kilogram excl. postage. For bees wax bars we also sell as ingots which are smaller beeswax bars. Now Available!

We supply beeswax foundation sheets for bee hives to the public and for beekeeping projects.

We supply local beeswax sheets for the brood box of a bee hive. They are full brood wax foundation sheets for R30 a sheet excluding postage and packaging.

If you are looking for beeswax on a regular basis for whatever reason, then please ensure you send us an enquiry. Beeswax foundation sheet production is seasonal and so stock can be low or limited at times during the year.

For any orders below 5kg the beeswax is R300/kg or as per unit price of bars, wheels, ingots and so on with fixed prices per unit.

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