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Wax Foundation sheets - beeswax sheets

Wax foundation sheets 

Wax foundation sheets are supplied in brood frame size. Minimum order quantity is 10 brood sheets at a time. For super sheet size, we recommend you just order brood sheets and cut them in half to use in the super frames of the hive!

Usually supplied in either super frame size or brood frame size. In either case they require slightly different sized beeswax comb.

Despite this difference in beeswax comb size, many beekepers make use of pure bees wax foundation sheets when starting a honey bee colony.

The most obvious benefit is that it speeds the building process for the honey bees but also provides a guide as to where to build in the frame.

Something to note at this point is that honey bees have built honey comb for centuries without any intervention by anything. Our Langstroth bee hives are supplied with pure bees wax starter strips only to help ensure the honey bees build in the centre of the frame & that's all.

The Jackson hive does not come with beeswax starter strips or beeswax foundation sheets included in the price. You would need to purchase pure bee wax foundation sheets, cut them into strips and insert them yourself using a wax embedder or flat knife.

PURE bee Wax foundation sheets or even wax starter strips do assist in attracting honey bee scouts to a potential catch box or empty bee hive. The scent is picked up during the heat of the day as the internal temperature of the bee hive heats up and causes beeswax scent to eminate from the hive.

Beeswax sheets can also be used to roll pure beeswax candles. This is quite expensive and beeswax is extremely hard to come by let alone be used in a situation where it cannot be recyclable. Beekeepers are reluctant to have pure beeswax leave the industry for use as beeswax candles or otherwise.

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Bee hives have been around for centuries in different shapes, designs and sizes. It wasn't until the Langstroth design that the honey bee hive actually became standardised. There are still many different types of bee hive in use across the world.

The mainstream beehive designs used in South Africa are the Langstroth beehive & Jackson Beehive. The Langstroth Bee hive hasn't been changed much since its first inception in the 1800s. Small changes have been made to incorporate aluminium lid covers, the type of weather protection used on the wood and the use of a queen excluder to prevent egg laying in the super chamber.

The bee hive made beekeeping manageable as before the advent of the bee hive, honey bee colonies would be raided for their golden liquid and usually the honey bee colony would be destroyed in the process. This created the need for a manageable method to keep bees, transport them and harvest honey from them without causing damage or destruction to the bee colony.

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The wax wheels are available now for less than 5kg orders. These weigh about 55g each and cost R40.

Bulk orders carry a minimum order quantity of 5kg or more. Bulk beeswax is STRICTLY subject to minimum quantity orders of 5kg for the price of R265/kg... Retail orders of less than 5kg are R300/kg.