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Beeswax ingots for cosmetics

Beeswax ingots - small beeswax bars

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Beeswax ingots - small beeswax bars

We supply beeswax bars that make excellent cosmetic beeswax ingredients with creams, lotions, beard balms, lip balms and beeswax candles. 

Our beeswax supplier company is located in Centurion nearby the Eco Boulevard shopping centre. We ship countrywide and within the SADC region when needed. 

Beeswax Ingots

These rectangles are molded beeswax ingot bars which we pour by hand at our warehouse in Centurion. 

Useful for making beeswax candles, beard balms, creams, lip balms and other polishes. 

These beautifully molded rectangular beeswax ingots weigh an estimated 55g each. 

 Beeswax bars, beeswax blocks and beeswax wheels for by our beeswax supplier located in Centurion. 

Melt the beeswax blocks and add to other ingredients to make natural skin products. 

*Courier and postage is not included*