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Buy Beeswax Pellets 300g bag Online
Buy Beeswax Pellets 300g bag Online

Beeswax Pellets 300g bag

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Beeswax Beads bag 300g Retail

Beeswax beads are perfect for easier measurement and use with ingredients and formulas making skin products. Cosmetic grade beeswax pellets are available at the shop or online by courier. Shipping is not included. 

With beeswax beads you simply weigh out the little beeswax pellets to your desired amount and add to your formula of ingredients. No preheating or melting beforehand required in order to get smaller units before proper easy measurement. 

We supply beeswax retail and wholesale in bulk. The prices differ according to minimum quantities. By order 5 kilograms or more you qualify for the bulk beeswax beads pricing and wholesale discount. 

If you order less than 5 kilograms, we accept retail orders by mail order or at the warehouse however the retail price will apply. 

Beeswax beads can be used to make:

  • beard balm
  • hair balm
  • wound salve
  • lip balm
  • face balm
  • skin balm
  • beeswax candles

These 300g bags are perfect for home use and test samples. 

*shipping is not included*