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New Mum Secrets Balm Bundle | For Baby and Mom
New Mum Secrets Balm Bundle | For Baby and Mom

New Mum Secrets Balm Bundle | For Baby and Mom

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New Mum Secrets cream bundle is packed with our three lovingly created and hand made baby bum cream for nappy rash, cracked nipple and stretch mark cream collection! 

Our vision is having only natural, baby safe and gentle skin care for you and baby as you both journey together after birth! 



Shipping is not included. You can collect at our Centurion Store in Hennopspark. 

We have zero funny or nasty stuff in our products. Only the good stuff for you and your baby that are known for being gentle, moisturising and safe for babies


# No parabens
# No additives
# No colourants
# No phthalates
# No petrolatum
All Natural Lanolin Nipple cream. 


With sore nipples that make your joy of breastfeeding less so, we have a shea butter and calendula cream focusing on the known natural moisturising and restorative properties of the oils. 


For baby, there's a lot going on. And one thing you can control is their comfort with their baby bum nappy area between nappy changes. When baby bum gets sensitive and red at nappy changing time or even as a preventative, adding our Baby Bum Nappy Rash cream with known healing properties like Lavender and Patchouli along with protecting the skin with the barrier from natural beeswax from acidic wee and poo that aggravates your babies nappy area. 


During pregnancy there's a lot going on with baby. There's also a lot going on for mom. Your bump stretches to make room for your baby as they grow to make room. After birth is the perfect time to use gentle properties to keep your stretch marks elastic and the skin to be moisturised and nourished! 

Stretch Mark Cream is packed with natural ingredients with properties that are known for soothing and keeping skin elastic like Patchouli and Marula oil. It smells lightly too and has a calming effect on your recovering bump after birth. 


New Mom Secrets Cream Bundle is a great gift for any expecting mom and new mom with baby.